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By Kouji Ikura, Masaya Nagao, Seiji Masuda, Ryuzo Sasaki

Animal mobilephone expertise is a growing to be self-discipline of mobile biology which goals not just to appreciate constructions, services and behaviors of differentiated animal cells but additionally to envision their talents for use in business and scientific reasons. The target of animal mobilephone know-how contains accomplishments of clonal growth of differentiated cells with important skill, optimization in their tradition stipulations, modulation in their skill to supply medically and pharmaceutically, vital proteins, and the appliance of animal cells to gene remedy and synthetic organs. This quantity offers the readers an entire overview of current cutting-edge in Japan. The court cases can be invaluable for telephone biologists, biochemists, molecular biologists, immunologists, biochemical engineers and different disciplines regarding animal mobilephone tradition, operating in both educational environments or in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

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However, specific growth rate (µ) decreased with increase in osmotic pressure over the range examined, and this slope grew steeper in the range of osmotic pressures higher than the critical level. The decrease in (µ) was steeper in the adhesion culture than in the suspension culture. The critical osmotic pressure for adhesion culture (400 mOsm/kg) was lower than that for suspension culture (450 mOsm/kg), indicating that adhesion cultures were more sensitive to increase in osmotic pressure than suspension cultures.

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H. JANG and T. YOSHIDA International Center for Biotechnology, Osaka University, 2-1, Yamada-oka, Suita, Osaka 565, Japan Effects of the concentrations of serum and other medium components on cell metabolism in a suspension culture, in a spinner bottle, of CHO 1-15500 cells (ATCC CRL-9606) producing tissue plasminogen activator(tPA) were investigated in order to formulate an appropriate medium composition for perfusion culture. Ham's F-12 medium supplemented with 500 nM of methotrexate and 0-10% newborn-calf serum was employed.

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