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By Gordon Roberts, Friedrich Taenzler, Mark Burns

Built-in circuits incorporating either electronic and analog services became more and more known within the semiconductor undefined. Mixed-signal IC try and size has grown right into a hugely really good box of electric engineering. notwithstanding, attempt engineering remains to be a comparatively unknown career in comparison to IC layout engineering.

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Perhapsthe most aggravating debug time of all is the time spent tracking down problems with the tester itself or the tester's software. It is very easyto get an answer from a mixed-signalATE testerthat is simply incorrect. Inaccurateanswersare causedby a bewildering number of problems. Electromagnetic interference, improperly calibrated instruments,improperly ranged instruments,and measurementsmade under incorrect test conditionscanall leadto inaccuratetestresults. Repeatability is the ability of the test equipment and test program to give the same answer multiple times.

If too much detail is included, then the diagram becomes too cluttered to clearly explain the test conditions. It would probably be unnecessary,for example, to show the full schematic for an op amp gain stage having a gain of 10. " Likewise, it is unnecessaryto draw an entire 256-pin DUT if only three pins of the DUT are relevant to a given test. 8, showing a test diagram for a DAC full-scale output test. This diagram looks simple, but it may actually representa test for a small portion of a much more complicated device.

Not only must the test engineerperform accuratemeasurements of mixed-signalparameters,but the measurements must be performedas quickly as possibleto reduceproductioncosts. The conflictingrequirementsof low test time andhigh accuracywill be a recurringthemethroughoutthis book. 21. TeradyneA575with dualtest heads. 1. List four examplesof analogcircuits. 2. List four examples of mixed-signal circuits. 3. 2. Which type of mixedsignalcircuit actsasa volumecontrolfor the cellulartelephoneearpiece? 4.

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