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By P. A. Muraro, A. Lugaresi, D. Gambi (auth.), D. Gambi, P. A. Muraro, A. Lugaresi, U. Ecari (eds.)

P.A. MURARO, A. LUGARESI, D. GAMBI some of the pathological elements of a number of sclerosis (MS) lesions were recognized for over a century. it's only lately, besides the fact that, that diversified styles of demyelination were associated with special pathways of immune-mediated tissue destruction. specifically, the inter-individual heterogeneity of MS lesions has advised that diversified mechanisms might act in several sufferers, accounting for the range saw in scientific direction, immunological findings in peripheral blood and cere­ brospinal fluid (CSF), and reaction to immunomodulatory remedies. to supply an outline of the elemental mechanisms most likely inquisitive about MS lesion initiation and improvement, a world assembly used to be prepared within the context of the once a year Congress of the Italian Neuroimmunology organization (AINI), held on the college of Chieti, in Chieti Italy on 29 October 1998. The excessive commonplace of shows brought on us to record them in prolonged shape, to spotlight fresh seasoned­ gress within the realizing of easy mechanisms maintaining MS immuno­ pathogenesis. A principal position within the attainable mechanisms resulting in myelin destruc­ tion has been attributed to T lymphocytes reactive to myelin antigens. stories at the myelin antigen-specific T mobile repertoire have contributed major advances to our wisdom of autoimmunity (Chapters 1,2).

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Production and secretion of neurotrophins are also closely associated with electrical activity of neurons [14]. In our brain tissue culture model, nerve growth factor (NGF), brain-derived growth factor (BDNF) and neurotrophin-3 (NT-3) were independently capable of downregulating IFN-y-mediated expression of MHC class II on microglia [13]. NGF and NT-3, but not BDNF, directly acted on microglia cells isolated in culture and inhibited MHC class II expression via the p7S neurotrophin receptor [13].

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