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By Dr. L. F. Agnati, O. Franzen, S. Ferré, G. Leo (auth.), Dr. R. Horowski, Prof. Y. Mizuno, Prof. C. W. Olanow, Prof. W. H. Poewe, Prof. P. Riederer, Dr. J. A. Stoessl, Prof. M. B. H. Youdim (eds.)

• attainable position of intramembrane receptor-receptor interactions in reminiscence and studying through formation of long-lived heteromeric complexes: specialise in motor studying within the basal ganglia (L.F. Agnati, O. Franzen, S. Ferré, G. Leo, R. Franco, okay. Fuxe) •Self-tolerance within the immune privileged CNS: classes from the entorhinal cortex lesion version (E. Kwidzinski, L. okay. Mutlu, A. D. Kovac, J. Bunse, J. Goldmann, J. Mahlo, O. Aktas, F. Zipp, T. Kamradt, R. Nitsch, I. Bechmann) •Progressive neurodegeneration in Drosophila: a version approach (J.-A. Tschäpe, A. Bettencourt da Cruz, D. Kretzschmar) •Effect of complex glycation endproducts on telephone cycle and their relevance for Alzheimer`s disorder (G. Münch, J. Gasic-Milenkovic, T. Arendt) •What have we learnt from cDNA microarray gene expression reports in regards to the position of iron in MPTP caused neurodegeneration and Parkinson`s affliction? (M. B. H. Youdim) •Animal types of Parkinson`s affliction in rodents precipitated by means of pollutants: an replace (E. C. Hirsch, G. Höglinger, E. Rousselet, T. Breidert, ok. Parain, J. Feger, M. Ruberg, A. Prigent, C. Cohen-Salmon, J.-M. Launay) •General features of neurodegeneration (K. A. Jellinger) •The neuromelanin of human substantia nigra: constitution, synthesis and molecular behaviour (L. Zecca, F. A. Zucca, P. Costi, D. Tampellini, A. Gatti, M. Gerlach, P. Riederer, R. G. Fariello, S. Ito, M. Gallorini, D. Sulzer) •New ideas and instruments in imaging for the learn of neurodegenerative illness (A. J. Stoessl, C. S. Lee, R. de l. a. Fuente-Fernandez) •Arguments for using dopamine receptor agonists in scientific and preclinical Parkinson`s affliction (M. Gerlach, okay. Double, H. Reichmann, P. Riederer) •The function of acetylcholine and dopamine in dementia and psychosis in Parkinson`s disorder (J. L. W. Bosboom, D. Stoffers, E. Ch. Wolters) •Growth/differentiation factor-15 (GDF-15), a singular member of the TGF-ß superfamily, promotes survival of lesioned mesencephalic dopaminergic neurons in vitro and in vivo and is prompted in neurons following cortical lesioning (J. Strelau, A. Schober, A. Sullivan, L. Schilling, okay. Unsicker) •Gene treatment for Parkinson`s ailment (H. Mochizuki, Y. Mizuno) •Stereotaxic intrastriatal implantation of human retinal pigment epithelial (hRPE) cells hooked up to gelatin microcarriers: a possible new telephone remedy for Parkinson`s ailment (R. L. Watts, C. D. Raiser, N. P. Stover, M. L. Cornfeldt, A. W. Schweikert, R. C. Allen, T. Subramaniam, D. Doudet, C. R. Honey, R. A. E. Bakay)

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2001; Schwartz and Kipnis, 2001), it is mandatory to understand how myelin-specific T cells are kept under control after CNS lesion in order to prevent the induction of destructive autoimmunity. More detailed knowledge about the cellular and molecular immune biology of axonal lesion in the CNS may finally allow the blocking of T cell damage without abrogating their protective effects. , 2002). Earlier studies suggested that antigen specific immune responses after ECL do not occur (Fagan and Gage, 1994), and thus are neither significant for secondary damage nor for protection and repair.

Following ECL, astrocytes upregulate the death ligand CD95L, allowing apoptotic elimination of infiltrating activated T cells. Myelin-phagocytosing microglia express MHC-II and the costimulatory molecule CD86, but lack CD80, which is found only on activated antigen presenting cells (APCs). g. CD80 negative microglia) may lead to T cell anergy and/or differentiation of regulatory/Th3-like cells due to insufficient costimulation and presence of high levels of TGF-~ and IL-10 in the CNS. Thus, T cell -apoptosis, -anergy, and -suppression apparently maintain immune tolerance after initial expansion of myelin-specific T lymphocytes following brain injury.

1996). , 1996), showing that the respective T cell clones are eventually kept under control. This is of particular interest since Immunologic Ignorance Normal Deletion Inhibition Suppression o aCllvahon No act,val,on AnatomIcal barner Teell r_ptor C04 C03 ACIIVilllld T coli Teell APOPlo IS Fig. 3. Peripheral mechanisms of the induction of tolerance. T cells that are physically separated from their specific antigen -by the blood-brain barrier, for example- cannot become activated, a circumstance referred to as immunologic ignorance.

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