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By Haykin S., Totterdill P.

At a degree compatible for graduate classes on adaptive sign processing, this textbook develops the mathematical idea of assorted realizations of linear adaptive filters with finite-duration impulse reaction, and likewise presents an introductory therapy of supervised neural networks. a variety of laptop experiments illustrate the underlying conception and purposes of the LMS (least mean-square) and RLS (recursive-least-squares) algorithms, and difficulties finish each one bankruptcy.

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44 2 Modulation and Detection cos 2(2πfct+θ) m(t)cos(2πfct+θ) Square Law Device cos(4πfct+2θ) Bandpass Filter 2fc cos(2πfct+θ) Frequency Divider f/2 m(t) Lowpass Filter m(t)cos 2(2πfct+θ) m(t)cos(2πfct+θ) Carrier recovery circuits Fig. 28 BPSK demodulation circuit {mk} (dk-1} 1 (dk} 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 dk = mk ⊕ dk −1 Fig. 29 Illustration of differential BPSK. 3 Differential Binary Phase Shift Keying—DBPSK In the DBPSK modulation approach, the BPSK technique is employed in a non-coherent fashion to circumvent the need for a coherent reference signal at the receiver.

11d, then it will deviate a 1 1 = ω0 - δ distance Δω, so that = ω 0 + δ on this operating region, and LC LC on negative slope operating region. , d/dt → j ω . 12) is the frequency domain representation of differentiation [2]. 12a. While this differentiated signal is now an 30 2 Modulation and Detection Phase Detector v FM (t) x FM in f i (t ) = f 0 + k f g (t ) Phase Shift LPF v φ (t) Phase Shift (f)=− − v 0 (t ) ∝ g (t ) π + 2π K ( f − f 0 ) 2 −π π 2 0 FM Signal f0 Frequency Fig. 13 FM demodulation by phase detector.

13 FM demodulation by phase detector. After [1] AM signal with its amplitude dictated by g( t), but still at a high frequency, it must be passed by an envelope detector to remove the high-frequency carrier and finally extract g( t). 14). 4 FM Demodulators 31 Fig. 14 Phase-locked loop as FM demodulator. 16). 16) The latter conclusions is clearly seen when one considers the series expansion of the sine function, which would contain the fundamental, which is proportional to g( t), the third power of g( t), etc.

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