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In acacias, polyad morphology (Kenrick and Knox 1982) and the prcscncc of post-pollination exudate (Kcnrick and Knox 198 1 ; Marginson ct al. 1985) play important roles in ensuring successful seed set following a single pollination went. A successfully placed polyad fils well inlo the dcprcssion of (he cupshaped stigma. Since the polyad is a biconvcx disc lwo grains thick in Ihc center (Kenrick and Knox 1979). only half of its pollen grains are in conlacl with the stigma. Thc exudalc, which is produced profusely aflcr pollinalion, helps lo engulf the polyad and allows gcrniinalion of grains not i n conlacl wilh the sligma surface (Marginson ct al.

P. 1971. Thc Bl(ick Wnrtlc ( A c a c ~ an~earnsiiD r . ). Natal. Soudr Afrrca: Unrvcrsity of Natal Press. Skelton. J. 1980 Provenance seed collecuon ofAcacrn m n g r u m Wllld. In Western Provrncc. P a p a New Gulnea. Worhng Paper No. 10 MAL/IRIOOS). Sahalr. Malaysla: Forest Kesearch Centre Tanaka, Z 1882. Bull. Jopanese For. Assoc. 7. ~ 7harn. C. 1976. Intrrxludron to plantation species - Acocio nuur~iumWilld. Malnvsu~t~ Forrsrn Confrre~rcc, I 1 - 17 Octoher 1976. Kuclring, Sarawak: Malaysra; 153- 158.

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