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But A is a σ-field and B is closed with respect to intersection, so σ(B) = σ G , ∆(X, T ) ⊂ A . We now have the existence of a common version, but we still need to show that every version of P2 [A | G ] actually works. Fix A ∈ σ G , ∆(X, T ) , let Y be any version of P2 [A | G ], and let Z be a version of P2 [A | G ] which is also a version of P[A | FT0 ]. So P2 [Y = Z] = 0 ⇒ P1 [Y = Z] = 0 as P2 |G P1 |G , but then P[Y = Z] = 0 by (a), so Y is a version of P[A | FT0 ] and we are done. 17 Remark.

Of finite variation. s. s. absolutely continuous. Proof. s. of finite variation, and set P0 P ⊗T0 ,G0 P. 0 It then follows from Cor. s. of finite variation. s. of finite variation and setting Pi+1 = Pi ⊗Ti+1 ,Gi+1 P, it again follows from Cor. s. of finite variation. As Pn = P , we have (a). Assertion (b) follows in the same way. 56 CHAPTER 3. 40 Lemma. Let P be a measure on Ω and Π = {(Ti , Gi )}0≤i≤n be an extended partition. Let A be a continuous, Rd -valued process such that ∆(A, Ti ) is σ Gi , ∆(X, Ti ) -measurable for each i ∈ {1, .

Proof. First notice that if 0 ≤ i ≤ j ≤ k ≤ l ≤ n, then repeated applications of Cor. 7 give σ Gj , ∆ X Tk+1 , Tj ⊂ σ Gi , ∆ X Tl+1 , Ti . We will make use of this fact repeatedly, and without further mention. We will argue inductively, making the inductive assumption that there exists a measure Pm such that (a) Pm [A] = P[A] if A ∈ Hi and 0 ≤ i ≤ n + 1, and (b) any version of P[B | Gi ] is a version of Pm [B | FT0i ] if B ∈ Hi+1 and 0 ≤ i ≤ m. Setting P-1 P it clear that (a) holds trivially and (b) holds vacuously for the base case m = −1.

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