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By B. Collins

This name issues mans touch with the animal international: sacrifice, sacred animals, vitamin, and domestication. Chapters on paintings, literature, faith and animal husbandry demonstrate an image of the complicated relationships among the peoples of the traditional close to East and (their) animals.
A reference advisor and key to the menagerie of the traditional close to East, with abundant unique illustrations.

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Arabs] limited to the southern desert regions. The transition appears to be clinal, with increasingly smaller and paler forms grading toward the typical arabs with progressive dryness. Pelage is mottled and variable, but coloration is generally brownish-gray in the more humid biomes, and more yellowish-gray around the desert fringes. Today's wolves prefer open areas, hunting mostly small wildlife at night either singly, in pairs, or in small packs, but occasionally scavenging in human middens or attacking livestock.

Such behavior is especially marked among bottle-nosed dolphins (Tursiops truncatus), the species most often trained to perform in aquarium shows because of its ability to adapt in captiv- 30 ALLAN S. GILBERT ity. Ancient legends with strong roots in truth arose about dolphins helping humans adrift in the water and seemingly being attracted by the strains of music (Montagu and Lilly 1963). According to myth, Icadius, son of Apollo, founded a temple to his father at the foot of Mount Parnassus. Delphi was the name he chose for the place to recognize the dolphin that had earlier rescued him from a shipwreck and delivered him safely to that spot.

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