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9. If I had been him, I would have left her ages ago. 10. I would have liked to go by bicycle if I had been able to. 11. If I had wanted to play cards, I would have gone to the pub. 12. We would have had a good crop if it hadn't rained. 13. If you had been a vegetarian, you wouldn't have eaten that meat. 14. It would have been easier if you had known how to do it. 15. If we had liked the film, we would have gone to see it. 16. You would have got a better job if you had got better marks. 17. If you hadn't had an umbrella, you would have got wet.

18. La huelga no tuvo exito porque hubo poco apoyo. 19. Esa es una de las razones por las que vine aqui. 20. Noconozcolarazon. 28 frases bilingues nivel E 21. La razon principal por la que perdio su trabajo es que bebfa. 22.

If you read that book, you'll find out many things. 30. Ask for an interview if you want to speak to him. 31. If you open the window, we'll freeze to death. 32. If you come with us, you'll have a good time. 33. If the material arrives, we'll be able to send the order today. 34. If the weather is good, we'll go for a walk. 35. If you are thirsty, drink water. 36. I'll explain the situation to you if you let me speak. 37. If/Should you happen to see Tom, tell him I want to talk to him. 38. If you speak more slowly, we'll understand you better.

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